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Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,


As we are finishing off the year with distance learning, we know many questions arise as things have changed for all of us. We will do our best to stay in communication with you during this time and relay all the relevant information we can as we receive it. Below are some key topics we can address right now.  Please let us know if you have any additional questions. 


  • The graduation plans have been updated:

Date: May 29, 6pm

Medium: Zoom Live Virtual Webinar

A live, real-time webinar event in which individuals are recognized while students, faculty, and friends join on their computers using audio and webcams to be part of the ceremony. In this format, all participants join virtually—speakers included. Commencement speeches could be delivered live or via pre-recorded videos as needed. Such an event could also feature prerecorded elements, allowing students to thank their families for their support and share their school memories.  Up to 500 participants can join.  

Follow up:

For traditional recognition of the graduates, we propose to hold a Homecoming Evening when the restrictions are lifted and we have sufficient time to prepare and organize the event.  We anticipate on planning Homecoming for October.  The graduates will have an opportunity to be recognized by the school and have photo sessions with a professional photographer.  


Due to the prolonged quarantine, UCs have suspended the need to submit SAT scores for the 2020-2021 school year. The College Board is committed to providing additional SAT tests during the 2020-2021 school year to accommodate all the students who are interested in taking the exam. 

  • AP Tests

This year the College Board will change their testing process and will offer AP tests online.

Most subjects will have 1 or 2 short answer questions where students will be able to type their responses directly into the test or handwrite and upload a picture image into the test.

The exams will be timed (but extra time will be allotted for uploading). The duration of the test will be 45 minutes. The exams will be open book/notes, but if students are caught cheating or utilizing, the internet-scores will be invalidated.

All AP questions will contain content that was covered by mid-March.

Further instructions and how to access the AP exams will be posted on the College Board website towards the end of April.



  • Grades and Distance Learning 

The existing grading policy has been modified to ensure applicability to the distance learning mode during the closure.  The school will continue to use letter grades (A-F).  The school intends to ensure that the students are accountable for their work and rewarded for their efforts while recognizing that some students may experience significant hardship and barriers that may prevent them from completing all assignments. We understand, however, that some of the students may have obstacles beyond their control that may prevent them from completing their work in a distance learning mode.  In the case when a student is unable to complete any work due to significant and specific extenuating circumstances (such as zero access to the internet or homelessness) the school will review each case to determine the most feasible way for the student to earn the missing credit.


  • Re-enrollment 

We are working together with the administration team and counselors to make re-enrollment for students as easy as possible. Enrollment forms can be scanned to our registrar’s attention at:



  • Course Selections for Next Year

Students will have a chance to choose their courses via Aeries student portal.  Course selection forms for each grade level are posted on the Futures Google Classroom for students to see and fill out. We are currently working with our technical department to provide all needed instructions and tutorials for students on how to choose classes and how to submit it in Aeries, so they can choose their classes for the next school year. Counselors are available via email or through google classroom for any questions or if additional support is needed. 

  • Chromebooks 

If you still need a Chromebook, please contact your teachers or the principal to arrange a pickup.

  • Communication 

We have multiple avenues of communication to ensure that the families and students stay connected with the school.  We use Aeries communicate to send automated messages to the families via SMS, emails, and voice messages.  We post announcements on:

School website - fhscharter.org

Twitter - @Futures14580014

Instagram - @futureshighschool

School app - Download from the Apple Store or Google Play

Facebook - Futures High

Stay connected with your teachers and the principal via email.  


  • Senior Service-learning Project

Due to COVID 19 and social distancing, we are requiring seniors to do only 5 hours of active service and a modified project/presentation. The service-learning project is still a requirement for graduation and we are committed to supporting our students in this process. For details on the project requirements, please see our Senior’s Corner Google Classroom page (code: 7o4ohbo) or contact Ms. Schultz at



  • Office Hours

The principal holds office hours every Monday through Thursday from 6 to 7 pm.  The link is meet.google.com/zcw-jnrd-mfv

Please see the school’s website (fhscharter.org) for teachers’ office hours.

Important Dates

GCC schools will remain physically closed for the rest of the 2019-2020 school year, please note the school year is not cancelled. Students will still receive education through distance learning. Our schools will reopen as soon as the Governor and the Department of Public Health give direction that it is safe to do so.


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Principal, Futures High School


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