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New School Year!

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Coming back from the summer break, making sure your child is well dressed, homework is done, and all the beginning of the year forms are turned makes it a busy and somewhat stressful time for many.

For Futures staff, it is an exciting and stressful time as we prepare the program and the facility to ensure that as soon as students come, they are ready to learn. As an administrator of 11 years, I still eagerly await for the new and returning students every year. I know that every year brings new and exciting moments and learning opportunities not just for the students, but for me as well. I graduated hundreds of students in the past years and met thousands of students in my 19 years in education. And I firmly believe that every child is unique and intelligent, and every time I meet a new student, a new world is opening to me. As we progress with this year, I will get to know your child and you, and I want to share a bit about my passions so you can get to know me better too. 

As an educator, I am passionate about reading - anything I can get my hands on, from biographies and historical accounts to fantasy and mystery stories (except romance stories). Most importantly, I am passionate about working with students (teenagers) - learning from them, talking and working with each kid is like reading a new book with an unexpected ending that you may or may not discover in many years… everybody is unique and different, and it is a new experience every time.

I wish that the start of the new school year is smooth and enjoyable for you. Your children grow and change every day and every year, and it is a fantastic experience to see these changes.

When students get more mature, they not only grow physically, but they also grow emotionally. This inner world is new, scary, and complicated. The way they take in information and emotions change as they try to find their identity and self-image. With many changes going on and not knowing how to describe it, the students may begin to act differently. Either they may close up or begin to act out.

One of the methods that we find useful is listening. Listening to your children will help them express themselves and allow them to alleviate the pressures they may be feeling. A mother shares her experience with us,

“As my daughter has gotten older, I’ve noticed that she doesn’t talk to me as much. So when she does feel like chatting, I try to take advantage of the moment and listen to her. I’ve noticed that it’s best to do less talking and more listening. Sometimes, if I sit quietly with her, she’ll start sharing. And other times I ask questions, “What do you think? Or “What would have you done?” simply doing that changed the way we communicate and our relationship.”

Simply listening can strengthen the relationship with adolescents and help with being better parents and friends for them.

Nataliya Panasiuk

Principal, Futures High School


30-Day Integrity Challenge                                                  1-30

Student Talk Radio (8:00 AM)                                                  7

No School                                                                                 11/14

Family and School Radio (8:00 AM)                                     17

Red Ribbon Week                                                                  21-25

Student Rally                                                                               24  

School Site Council  (4:00 pm)                                              30

School and Family Radio Program

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Parent Volunteers

We the teachers and staff of Futures High School, believe that the presence and participation of parents is vital for student success in their education and growth to become contributors to our community. That is why we make every effort to provide opportunities to volunteer. We invite you as a parent, grandparent, or guardian to visit our campus and see where you would like to make a positive impact.


Here are some options:


  • Office aid

  • Teacher assistant

  • Helping at Events

  • Art and Drama Boosters club

  • Field trip chaperoning

  • School Site Council membership/participation

  • Before and After school assistance

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This Parent Portal is always open!

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Parent Liaison

Max Gonchar


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A Touch of Understanding

A Touch of Understanding is an amazing organization that works with students by helping them understand people with disabilities. They do these through workshops, where people with disabilities share about their life and how they do not allow their disability to keep them back from doing what everyone else does. Students also get a chance to experience what it feels like to live with a disability with different interactive activities with wheelchairs, walking sticks, reading and writing in brail, and using prosthetics.

Back to School Night

We would like to thank all the parents and students that joined us for our first Back to School event! We also would like to thank our Assistant Superintendent Michael Gillespie, Board President Lilie Campbell, and Assistant Director of Community Engagement & Development Sergey Terebkov for joining and supporting us during the night. These events are great for parents, students, teachers, and staff to hear about all our achievements and plans that we have for the upcoming year. Also, this time is great for questions to be answered meeting with teachers to help with student success throughout the school year.

Student Talk Radio 

Mon. 8:00AM-8:30AM (87.7 FM)

Leadership Students take the mic during our Student Talk Radio to talk about the pros and cons for homework!

Point Break

Every year our students participate in the Point Break workshop. This event has a profound and positive effect on students. This day is full of excitement, group talks, bond-building, tears, and personal breakthroughs. It was amazing to see such positive school culture by encouraging students to use their words, work together, and to discover themselves. A very big thank you to Lyudmila Kuzmenko, Tatyana Polishchuk, Chad Stewart, Blake Lonero, Zhanna Makovey, Denis Yeremuk, Valentyn Kais and Max Gonchar for being adult leaders and committing their time, energy, and hearts to make a positive difference in the lives of our students.

Donation for Student Garden

Steve Papkov with Modernwoodmen gave a donation of plants, flowers, and other garden supplies for our leadership beautification crew! Students can help make Futures more eco-friendly and help in keeping their school beautiful.

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