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As we had to move to distance learning, for the time being, it becomes even more important to stay connected and support each other through challenging times. The challenges right now range from loss of employment, changing in financial situation, loss of daycare, loss of social connections, and loss of a familiar routine and environment. At times, the situation may seem out of control as much uncertainty has dropped on us. However, with each loss, changes and gains will come. We cannot deny the losses, but we can continue to focus on what is gained in this situation: maybe extra hours of sleep, more time with the family, flexibility with the school work, and a new appreciation for technology.

We believe that each situation has the potential to be a learning opportunity. The present situation allows us to learn more about each other, ourselves, and our children. The school's primary focus is to continue to work with the students, so they don't lose time with their learning and are on track to graduate. 

In distance learning, the role of the parent has shifted. Whereas the school has been providing supervision and encouragement during regular school hours, now the parents have become a primary supervisor for the students' schooling. 

At the school, each staff member is available for your support – we would love to stay connected and give you all the assistance and help that we can! Please reach out to us with your child's needs. 


Keeping adolescents engaged: Tips and Tricks

o   Establish a routine.  It is easy to fall into a relaxed break mode with no structure.  Even though, some flexibility is a given – longer sleep hours, shifted schedule, unstructured days – it is essential to create a rough plan that the student can follow.  For example, the student can spend the mornings doing chores and work on his/her studies in the afternoon. 

o   The school work can be done in increments.  The teachers provide flexible due dates and assignments that the students can complete in chunks at the times that work for them.  However, the key is to do some work every day.  The more consistent they are with their work, the better the results will be – do not fall behind!

o   Reach out for help and support.  It is essential to understand that nobody is alone in this situation.  Connect with teachers, staff, peers, and other parents if you have any questions or need help with technology navigation.  There are plenty of community resources, including meals and free internet that is available to the students.

o   Keep calm and positive.  The children are looking up to their parents/guardians.  The parents/guardians are role models who can provide stability, support, and encouragement for the students.

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Important Dates

The Sacramento County Office of Education announced that in consultation with local districts and the Sacramento County Public Health, all Sacramento County school districts are extending their closure through May 1, 2020. After careful deliberation the GCC concurred with this decision to slow the spread of COVID-19 and keep our staff, students and family’s safe.

We have made the decision to extend campus closures through May 1st. Pending further direction from the Governor or County Public Health, the GCC schools are now scheduled to re-open on Monday, May 4th.


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