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The ultimate goal of Futures High School is student success. Even though success can be viewed differently by different people, we consider our students’ needs, values, aspirations to create a program that provides them with skills for success in life and career.


We call the skills that are targeted for student success the School-Wide Learner Outcomes (SLO’s). With much work and our students in mind, we have worked out a strategy that moves everything we do in the school in a coherent direction that will help our students go to the next step in life as Critical thinkers, individuals of Character, Collaborative team members, and effective Communicators. Based on the research and the needs of our students, these skills are vital for success in any aspect of life.


Critical Thinkers:


For students to be critical thinkers they must read and understand what they read; be able to recognize, make decisions and apply knowledge, be able to plan and investigate different topics,  and have viable evidence for their point of view. With vast choices and information that our students are bombarded daily through their environment and social media, the students need to understand and evaluate the information to make informed and conscientious choices.


Individuals of Character:


To be individuals of characters who conduct themselves with integrity in both academic and non-academic spheres. We want our students to be happy and productive citizens of the global society.  Besides academics, students learn how to live with integrity and have empathy and grit.  As such, we are thrilled to see staff and students participating in the 30-day challenges that focus on a specific value or a character trait.  This fall we focused on integrity -  students and staff were given an opportunity to read quotes and personal testimonies, watch videos, give digital high 5’s, and write affirmations to students and teachers who demonstrated integrity. This gave us a chance to stop for a few minutes each day to think about and highlight integrity in our lives and the lives of others.

Also, we help students demonstrate self-control, reflection, perseverance, and grit, take responsibility for their actions, take ownership of their personal and academic development, contribute their time, energy, and resources in the community, consider diverse perspectives, and make healthy choices in respect to their bodies and minds.


Collaborative Team Members:


As we are all connected and depend on each other, we believe that it is important for the students to know how to collaborate and work with each other productively.  The students need to listen and to understand each other in order to be a team.  In the school, they have many opportunities and are encouraged to work together not only in the classrooms but through sports that are offered at Futures. The student learns how to make decisions, take responsibility for their decisions, contribute to the common goals, and recognize others for their contributions.  To work collaboratively, the students need to display patience, positivity, empathy, and an open mind. 



Effective Communicators:


Effective communication is key to any successful relationship, any career, and in life.  We focus daily and continuously on modeling and teaching our students how to use the power of effective communication in their lives.  They are to be able to participate in discussions, convey their ideas clearly and coherently orally and in writing.  They should be able to talk to different people groups, use technology responsibly, justify their reasoning, and listen actively.

As educators, we understand that there are so many things that we need to provide for our students’ success.  We have a tremendous sense of urgency every day because every day is an opportunity to be gained or lost. The time that we have with each student is precious, and it starts with attendance and a sharp focus on what is most important.  We know that if everything is important, then nothing is. Therefore, we do our best to focus our energy on creating an environment where students can learn the most valuable skills for their future - know how to communicate, be productive and happy citizens, know how to work with others and live in a society, and think for themselves. 

Nataliya Panasiuk

Principal, Futures High School


College and Career Fair                                                             


Student Talk Radio 87.7 FM (8:00 am)                                 9


FAFSA Workshop                                                                        10


Family Night  (6:00 pm)                                                           12


Winter Wonderland Dance (5:00 pm)                                  13      

School Site Council  (4:00 pm)                                              18

Winter Break (No School)                                            23- Jan 6

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On Fridays, students have the opportunity to join an enrichment class of their choice. These classes consist of teacher led subjects such as; science experiments during science hacks enrichment, writing during creative writing enrichment, listening to and discussing music during music theory enrichment, sowing and planting during home economics enrichment and more!

UC Davis Field Trip

Red Ribbon Week

HLA and Futures students partner up for Red Ribbon Week and Anti-Bullying. Today is twin day!

Red Ribbon Week Door Competition

Officer Alex Ivanov

Thank you Officer Alex Ivanov for visiting our school and playing basketball with students during lunch!

Boys Soccer Alumni Game

Canned Food Drive

Big thank you to the National Honors Society Students for organizing the school-wide canned food drive and our Futures Family for your help in collecting 500 pounds of canned food this Thanksgiving!

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